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Vaihlo ( Zuk leh Hmuam) ti thin sim duh te tan, District tin ah OPD pan theih a ni.

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Health and Family Welfare Department under the Government of Mizoram was one out of about twenty grantees to receive funding from Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use during Round Four. In order to effectively implement the project “Advocacy and mobilization for smoke free Mizoram and effective tobacco control implementation in the state”, the Mizoram State Tobacco Control Society (MSTCS) was constituted under the Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Mizoram on 9th April 2009. The first project was for the period of two years. Thereafter, the second project “Advancing tobacco control in Mizoram through capacity building, strengthening National Tobacco Control Programme and effective enforcement of tobacco control laws” was implemented from 1st July 2011 for the period of two years. The third project Consolidating and Strengthening tobacco control in Mizoram to achieve improvement in tobacco control indicators based on GATS 2014-15” is an undergoing project that was implemented on 1st July 2013. Tobacco Cessation Clinic (TCC) funded by World Health Organization (WHO) was a project implemented under MSTCS w.e.f 2005 till June 2010. The society has undertaken various initiatives in the fight against tobacco within the state and has already achieved several noteworthy milestones though there is still much more to cover along the way.

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